Wax Melt Burners - A Beginners Guide

May 11, 2022

What are Wax Melt Burners

Wax Melt Burners are usually ceramic holders, that you use to melt your scented wax melts.

You use an unscented tea light to warm the wax melt burner, which causes your scented wax melt to melt and release the fragrance.

Wax Melt Burner

How do I use my Wax Melt Burner?

Always use a wax melt burner that is specifically designed for wax melts. Do not add water.

Place your favourite scented wax melt in the dish at the top of the burner and an unscented tea light inside the burner.

Once the tea light is lit the melt will gradually melt and release a gorgeous scent.

You should only ever user your burner for 3-4 hours at a time.

Once you have finished using your wax melt burner, remember to extinguish the tea light.

Your scented wax melt will harden, ready for use another time.

Wax Melt Burner Safety